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Miejski Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli zaprasza nauczycieli języka angielskiego na seminarium z udziałem gościa specjalnego: Petera Sokolowskiego Current Issues in English Laguage Teaching
organizowane w partnerstwie z Konsulatem Generalnym USA w Krakowie, 27 września 2018 r, godz. 15.00-18:00.

Link do rejestracji: https://www.modn.opole.pl/naszaoferta/oferta-modn-2017-2018/edukacja-humanistyczna/jezyk-angielski/532-current-issues-in-english-laguage-teaching.html

Tematy i wykładowcy:

Peter Sokolowski
Mind Your Manners: English Usage for Teachers
In this age of social media explosion, hot-takes, trolling, micro-aggressions, and calls for a return to civility, all speakers of English are judged by how they negotiate areas of disputed usage. This lecture explores grammar, word choice, and cultural assumptions essential to clear and correct English.
What do we mean by usage? We mean the way English words and phrases are actually used: Is a word old-fashioned? technical? humorous? chiefly British? slangy? approving? objectionable? Is it usually followed by a certain preposition? Is its meaning usually literal, or very often figurative? What kinds of contexts is it found in? Join us on a tour of a dictionary that goes way beyond definitions into the teaching of critical thinking, communication, and culture.

Idioms, Usage, & Habit: Why Learners Need a Learner's Dictionary
Learner's dictionaries differ greatly from traditional monolingual dictionaries, and are changing the way English teachers think about using references in and out of the classroom. A learner's dictionary gives more idiomatic and usage information about register, context, and syntax, so it's a textbook and a reader as well as a practical guide to grammar. This is a tour of a learner's dictionary from the inside out, with ideas for exercises for classroom use or homework.

Zapraszamy serdecznie na spotkanie i prosimy o rejestrację ze względu na ograniczoną liczbę miejsc.